Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Iowa Hawkeye Training / Test Dates

Hello Everyone,

Due to COVID-19, we aren’t having our normal kick-off meeting this year. We have set the training and test dates. Please review the dates below and attended as you can. Be sure to watch the Iowa Hawkeye website for cancellation due to weather. Also, the Officer Election will be held in March but Annie Nuss will be the 2021 Test Secretary so direct any test questions to her, annieisu06@gmail.com  or 515-490-1616. I have also started the process of cleaning up our email list. We are moving towards our email list being for current paid chapter members as our list is fairly outdated and cumbersome to maintain. We encourage those who are interested in continuing to support our chapter to send your name(s), address, phone number, and email address to our chapter treasurer ($25 per year- family membership):

Ron Greeson

5631 Hempstead Pl 
Prole, IA 50229

February        2/21 (Subject to weather)

March            3/21

April               4/18

May               5/16

May               5/30 (Mock test)

June               6/12-13 (Test)

June               6/27

July                7/11 (Picnic)

August            8/1 (Mock test)

August            8/14-15 (Test)

September     9/15-19 (Invitational)